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Campervan Battery Size and Solar Calculator Spreadsheet

Grab a Excel file download:

OR you can make a copy of the spreadsheet in Google Docs:

Battery and Solar Panel Sizing Spreadsheet |
Van Conversion Electrics Calc Item ,Quantity ,Voltage,Watts rating ,Minus % Loss,Hours Used - per day,Watt Hours (Wh) per day,Amp Hours (Ah)0.0,0,0.0,Inverter Efficiency 🔌0.0,0,0.0,Enter Percentage ➡️,90%0.0,0,0.00.0,0,0.0,Battery Size Calculation (Ah) ⚡0.0,0,0.0,1 Day Off-Grid,00.0,0,0.0...

THEN use the instructions on this page to help you complete it.